TomTom Map Updates – Downloading Free Maps & The Map Update Service

TomTom Map UpdateIf you own a TomTom GPS Sat Nav then the chances are at some point you will have experienced your maps on the device not being completely up to date. 

This is entirely to be expected as roads can change, new highways can be built, the priority can be altered on junctions, and business can move addresses. 

If you want TomTom map updates and need to refresh the maps on your TomTom GPS then our short guide will tell you what you need to know about downloading new TomTom maps.

Can You Download Free Map Updates for TomTom GPS?

TomTom free map updates are available using the TomTom Map Share technology.  This is a free to use service and lets you download new map edits from a community of other TomTom users and customers.  It will also let you make map corrections yourself as you drive. 

Check to see if you download a Free TomTom Map Update

It is easy to use and to get started you will have to download the TomTom Home application and then install the Map Share functionality.  Once you have selected the model of GPS you use you can then choose whether to download new map updates.

However, these are not official updates and cannot be guaranteed to be completely accurate as you are relying on another TomTom user to have updated your GPS.  We would recommend that you go download official TomTom GPS Map Updates, and here is how:

Download Official TomTom GPS Updates

The official TomTom Map Update Service is the only official way you can guarantee the latest maps on your GPS Sat Nav.  By signing-up you can access four new map downloads every year to make sure you always drive with the latest routes and directions, or you can simply purchase a one-off map refresh.  These are the TomTom map download options available to customers.

TomTom Single Map Update

For a one-off costs you can download a new map officially from TomTom and start driving with renewed confidence.  TomTom have  very easy to use map buying website that will lead you through the map download process.  However, it will make more financial sense for you to sign-up to their Map Update Service which is described below.

TomTom Map Update Service

Strangely this works out cheaper than a single map update purchase.  It’s easy to use and all you have to do is register your GPS to the TomTom Home site and every time you connect your TomTom via USB to your PC, it will tell you if there is a new map available.  New maps are released for download every 3 months or every quarter and are added to your TomTom Home account as they are released.

Why Download Official TomTom Map Updates

We would always recommend that you update your TomTom GPS Sat Nav with official map downloads because this will lead to peace of mind.  Your warranty and software will also be protected.  You can drive to your new destination, country, region, or destination safe in the knowledge that your map and route directions are completely up to date.