Honda Civic Navigation System Updates – GPS DVD 2018

Click for the Latest Honda Navigation DVDLast Update December 30th, 2017: The new Honda Civic Navigation System Update and 2018 DVD is out now. For the latest Honda GPS Map Updates and Navigation Discs then please click on the link below or the banners on this page to get the best available online deals and prices.

If you want to upgrade your dashboard GPS device with new maps then you’re in the right place.

The latest Civic Navi Disc has all the road and highway updates that have happened since your last navigation system upgrade and also includes millions of POI files plus any business address changes that have occurred.

Honda Civic Navigation DVD 2018

Your navigation system updates will arrive on DVD and Disc and are easy to install. Each new Civic Disc will come with your own unique customer identification and serial number so you can benefit from the latest GPS Map updates at the touch of a button.

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Honda Civic Navigation DVD 2018 – Which Version?

Currently it’s possible to update the 2006 Honda Civic GPS navigation all the way through to the 2018 model.  The disc you will need is called the Turquiose version for the latest Honda Civic GPS map updates.  Don’t worry about which version is right for you because the links and banners in the this page will take you to a page where you can select the right Civic model and year to suit you – and will tell you which Civic Navi GPS Disc you then need to purchase.

Honda Civic Navigation System Year

Honda Civic Navigation DVD Update Version

2006 2018 Turquoise DVD Map Update v6.A2
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Honda Civic GPS DVD – Short Overview & History

The Honda Civic car was first produced all the way back in 1972 in Japan, but are now one of the most popular vehicles sold in the United States.  According to reports this was the 6th best-selling car in America in 2010, as over a quarter of a million models rolled off the production line for sale.  It’s actually the most common car in the whole of Canada, which just goes to show you how well-respected and revered this particular model is.

Over the last decade, the Honda Civic has progressed hugely since its humble beginnings and now comes with a huge array of functionality and optional extras – which of course include satellite navigation – which can be added into the dashboard.  The Honda Civic Navigation system is now very advanced, with some models letting you direct yourself via voice recognition.  The current 2011 and 2012 models which come with a Honda Civic GPS include the Type R, Sedan, Coupe, Si Sedan, Si Coupe, HF, Hybrid, and even a new natural gas model for those who want to drive more economically.