Garmin Nuvi Updates

Garmin Nuvi 205 Map UpdatesThe Garmin GPS was one of the World’s first personal navigation devices for consumers to use in their vehicles, and the first of the product lines was the StreetPilot series which was succeeded by the Nuvi range in 2005 – and since then all their in-car GPS products have been preceded with the Nuvi name.  This is a short overview on the different types of Garmin Nuvi updates that are currently available including free mapping options and other software downloads to enhance the product.

Download Garmin Nuvi Updates

There are a variety of different updates available for Garmin Nuvi devices, the most popular of which being the map update.  When a Nuvi is manufactured it will as standard have a copy of City Navigator software pre-installed on it.  The version that is installed depends on the region or country that the Nuvi will be sold in, so for example customers based in the United States will have City Navigator NT for North America, whilst European customers will have City Navigator for Europe.

However, over time customers will need to update their Nuvi maps because the maps are only as current as the time they were created.  As an example, say a new highway is built, or a business changes address then that will make your Garmin Nuvi maps out of date.

This is why Garmin offer a map update service with a selection of different options to suit all budgets and needs.  The way this works is as follows:

Your Maps are Out of Date

If your maps are no longer current then you will have to download Garmin Nuvi updates to overwrite your existing software install of City Navigator.  There are three types of Nuvi map update including:

  • nuMaps Guarantee – a free Nuvi update
  • nuMaps Onetime – a one off map update
  • nuMaps Lifetime – gives you four Nuvi map updates annually

Driving to a New Country or Region

If you are going to be using your Nuvi GPS in a different country to the one in which you purchased the device then you will need to check to see if you have that coverage on the Nuvi.  So for example, if you are travelling to Asia it’s unlikely that you will have City Navigator for South East Asia installed, or City Navigator for China and India.

If that’s the case you will need to buy a Garmin Nuvi map update for that country as either a download or on an SD Card.  The download option is of course the quickest, but some people prefer to be sent an SD Card, especially if there is not enough memory to have two different regional maps on your device – which can sometimes be the case with the older models such as the Garmin Nuvi 200.  Updates for all Nuvis cost the same irrespective of what model you own.

Some of the most popular updates include:

Costs start at $49 US Dollars for a one-off update and $89 US Dollars for the Lifetime versions.  The only time you will be eligible for free Garmin Nuvi updates is if you are a new customer who has owned the product for less than 90 days – although sometimes there are exceptions to this rule. 

Free Garmin Map Updates

To find out if you qualify visit the Garmin website or click the link advert that appears on the top right of this page – this will take you to the online checker and will notify you of what software you have available for you to download.

Garmin Nuvi 255w Updates

The 255w was released in March of 2008 and has quickly become, and still is one of their best-selling models.  It has a Micro SD card slot so you are able to either download Nuvi updates to it, or purchase an SD Card update.  This model has no lane assist or junction view though, which isn’t ideal for travelling abroad when you want as much information as possible at your fingertips.

Garmin Nuvi 205 Updates

The Nuvi 205 is another popular GPS also released in March of 2008 but doesn’t come with a wide screen display like the Nuvi 255w.  Again, you can load new maps and updates onto it with an SD Card – in essence this is the same as the 255w, the only difference being that the screen has one inch less width.

Garmin Nuvi 200 Map Updates

One of the older models from 2007, the Garmin Nuvi 200 is a very basic navigator sat nav compared to the later models, but still has a heavy presence in the market with many owners still using it today. 

Click here to check for new and free map updates on all of these models.

Other Garmin Nuvi Updates and Software Downloads

In addition to maps it is also possible to customize your GPS with additional content, most of which is free from the Garmin website.  These include new voices, vehicle icons, points of interest (POI) files, and even games to keep the children entertained once you have reached the end of your journey.  For more information on these and more you will have to access the Garmin Garage and Extras section on the manufacturer’s official website.

Some newer models now even come with live services which are all accessed via a SIM card present in some of the more expensive and current Garmin Nuvi devices.  These include items such as:

  • Live traffic cameras
  • Google Local Search
  • Fuel prices
  • Weather updates
  • Telephone directory
  • White Pages
  • Currency converter
  • Superfast Hotfix
  • Flight status – airport arrivals and departures

For cab drivers you can see some of these live services being invaluable, but they are not for everyone which is why a lot of them will need to be subscribed to once an initial trial period has expired.

Additional content such as travel guides can also be purchased for small fees, but these will be covered on My GPS Map Updates at a later date and in more depth.