Garmin Nuvi Update – How to Get Garmin Map Updates

Garmin Nuvi UpdateThe Garmin Nuvi is the World’s bestselling and most popular GPS and Sat Nav device on the market, and is used in millions of car and truck journeys every day – people rely on their maps for both personal journey and their living. 

From time to time users will experience the scenario when their Nuvi maps will not be one hundred percent up to date.  If you need a Garmin map update for your Garmin Nuvi GPS then follow our easy to use guide below so you can be sure your Garmin map download is the right one for you.

Garmin Nuvi 205 Update

If you need a map update for the Garmin Nuvi 205 GPS sat nav then the best place for an upgrade is direct from Garmin themselves.  A Garmin Nuvi 205 update can be purchased for a very small amount, and buying direct from Garmin will ensure your map download is completely authentic and up to date with today’s routes and roads changes on it.   Garmin also have some free map update options available for the Nuvi 205 sat nav so it is worth checking if you are eligible for their nuMaps Guarantee. 

Check to see if you can get a Free Garmin Map Update

Garmin Nuvi 250w Map Update

If you own a Garmin Nuvi 250w sat nav then you can get a new map download to make sure that the maps on the GPS are completely current with the latest directions.  We would always recommend that you download a Garmin Nuvi 250w map update direct from Garmin as you can then navigate with peace of mind knowing that the routes are official and accurate.  The Garmin nuMaps Onetime map update is very reasonably priced so visit Garmin today for the best map prices and deals.  You may even qualify for a free Garmin map update so make sure you check all the different options available.  They are options for all budgets and models of GPS available. 

Garmin Nuvi 255w Update

Map updates for the Garmin Nuvi 255w ensure that you can get from A to B accurately, on time, and safely. A Garmin Nuvi 255w update can be downloaded direct from Garmin, and sometimes even for free as part of the nuMaps Guarantee option or alternatively for a very small fee.  To check what type of map update you are eligible for you will need to visit the Garmin website mapping section and choose the best map upgrade for your Garmin.   Having the latest maps on your GPS will ensure that you arrive safely with no complications. 

Can I get free Garmin map updates?

Garmin is the best place to get a map update from if you own a Nuvi sat nav, and they have three different map update options.  We have listed them below with a short synopsis of what each one means so you can choose the best upgrade for your GPS:

Garmin nuMaps Guarantee

This is the free map update and in order to qualify for it you will need to fulfil some certain criteria from Garmin including having your serial number, registering the Nuvi, and length of ownership.  If you don’t qualify for a free Garmin map update then you could choose from one of the following cheap map update options.

Garmin nuMaps Onetime

For a very small charge you can download a cheap Garmin map update which will let you refresh your maps with a one off download.  All you will need to do is connect your GPS to your PC or Mac with a USB cable and follow the on screen instructions on the Garmin website.

Garmin nuMaps Lifetime

The slightly more expensive option is the Lifetime mapping choice.  This lets you download up to four Garmin map updates in one year, and every quarter.  And you can do this for the lifetime of the GPS sat nav meaning you should never be stuck for directions again. 

Always download official Garmin map updates

All Garmin map updates options are available direct from their website so click here to visit them today and download some refreshed content to your Nuvi GPS.  We would always recommend that you download the official maps as these will ensure your warranty remains intact and will better protect your GPS product from any malicious code or errors.