Garmin Nuvi Map Updates

Garmin Nuvi 2450Downloading new maps for Garmin Nuvi GPS devices has never been easier and Garmin offer a number of different options for a customer that is looking for Garmin Nuvi Map Updates – follow our easy to understand guide below to updating your Nuvi device and you will be back driving your car or truck with renewed confidence in no time at all.

Whether you want to get free map updates, or are prepared to pay a small fee for a new map upgrade, there are a number of options – all of which are extremely good value for money.

Downloading Garmin Nuvi Map Updates

It is possible to buy Garmin map updates in the shops and retail outlets on CD but the immediacy of being able to download a new GPS map is much more convenient. Luckily, Garmin offer downloads as a default format.  They even offer free Garmin Nuvi map updates.  To see the best option for you click the link below to go direct to their website and either download for free or buy a cheap Garmin Nuvi map.

We will now tell you about all the different Nuvi sat nav update options that are available, plus how much you will need to pay and which will best suit you.

Free Garmin Nuvi Map Updates

If you want a free Garmin map update then there are certain criteria you will need to satisfy in order to get a free download.  The official name for this upgrade is the nuMaps Guarantee –  to become eligible you will need to firstly register your Nuvi GPS on the Garmin website mapping section.  Put simply, if you register your sat nav within ninety days (or three months) of it first receiving a satellite section – so in other words from the first time you used it – then you can get a free Nuvi map update.

Garmin Nuvi Map Updates Free – Why They Do It

The reason Garmin do this is to ensure that new customers and owners of their GPS products have the most up to date maps from the point they first purchase the Nuvi product.  To see if you are eligible then click this link.

Garmin Nuvi 750 Map Updates

Despite the fact the Nuvi 750 is one of Garmin’s older GPS products; you can still get map updates for the unit.  However, it is unlikely that you will be eligible for the nuMaps Guarantee due to the age of the sat nav.  Instead you will have to pay a very small fee for a new map – however as you will see below, those charges are very reasonable and cheap.

Save Money With a Garmin Map Update Discount Code

Occasionally Garmin also tend to publish discount codes and vouchers which give you a money-off voucher on the checkout pages.  If you want to know more about how much money you can save and the different codes on offer then I would recommend that you Click for Money Off Garmin Maps.

nuMaps Onetime Map Update – Cheap and Affordable

If you cannot get a free Garmin map update then the next best thing is the nuMaps Onetime offer.  This can be bought direct from the Garmin website for less than fifty dollars and is an extremely cost effective way to make sure you always have the latest mapping on your Nuvi GPS.

Bear in mind though, that this is a one off map refresh so as soon as new roads and directions appear on the nation’s streets, your GPS will be out of date.  Click on the nuMaps Onetime link for all the price options or read below for what is the best of all the Garmin map updates.

nuMaps Lifetime – The Best Garmin Map Update Available

For peace of mind and always knowing that your Nuvi GPS is completely current, safe, and reliable, then there really is no better option than the nuMaps Lifetime upgrade.  This option costs a little bit more than the Onetime update, but lets you download new Garmin maps up to four times a year or every quarter when Garmin release their official map update software.

This is without date the most cost effective and sure-fire way to have constant and reliable maps on your Nuvi GPS, and we would always recommend that customers of Garmin choose the nuMaps Lifetime offer.  The offer is available for the life of the Nuvi GPS, not you as a customer.  However, if you are planning on keeping your GPS for years to come then this is more than enough and a complete bargain.  Click here to purchase Lifetime map updates direct and official from Garmin.