Garmin Nuvi 205w Updates

Garmin Nuvi 205w UpdatesThe Garmin Nuvi 205w navigator is a wide-screen GPS that consistently wins four out of five star ratings on websites such as Amazon.  There are map updates available for the Nuvi 205w and this guide has been designed to help you understand all of the options available plus tells you where and how you can download Garmin Nuvi 205w updates.  Do not be daunted by the concept of having to install new Garmin maps because the process is simple and everything you need to know is detailed below.

Downloading Garmin Nuvi 205w Updates

If you decide that the maps on your Nuvi 205w need updating then your first port of call should be the official Garmin website.  They do have some very intuitive map download guides on their site, but we’ve managed to place everything into a more concise format here on this page meaning that you can find out whether you can download free Garmin Nuvi 205w map updates – and if not, what the cheapest Garmin map updates are.

What Type of Maps are Installed on the Nuvi 205w?

By default, users based in America and Canada will have City Navigator NT maps already on the GPS which contain routes, directions, and address on for the whole of North America.  These maps are only as up to date as the point they were installed on the device so the chances are yours are already out of date.

This is why you should always check for Garmin map updates because the nature of the technology dictates that the maps will be out of date as soon as a new road is built or any new junctions appear anywhere in the country.

Free Garmin Nuvi 205w Map Updates

Not all owners of Garmin Nuvi 205w GPS devices will be able to download free Garmin map updates.  This is because generally they are only available to newer customers within a 90 day timeframe of the navigator first receiving a satellite signal.

Due to the age of the product now it is probably unlikely that you will qualify for free Garmin map updates on a Nuvi 205w, however that’s not to say you won’t have one available. 

If you wish to check then please click on the button you see to the right of this website which will take you to Garmin’s mapping section and once logged in you can check for free map upgrades and any special offers.

Can I Use My Garmin Nuvi 205w Abroad?

Yes you can, and if you are thinking about travelling to Europe or anywhere else outside of North America then you will need to purchase a new map region for the Garmin Nuvi 205w GPS.  New maps for new regions cost around $60 or so, but it all depends on the type you go for. 

For example you could purchase City Navigator NT for the United Kingdom and Ireland, or if you are planning on a longer road trip to other European countries then expand your purchase and instead look to buy City Navigator NT for Europe mapping – which, whilst more expensive, will mean that your Nuvi 205w can be used in many different countries.

Updates for Garmin Nuvi 205w

Why just stop at map updates though?  You were probably not aware of this but there’s a raft of different software updates that fit the Nuvi 205w and we’ve detailed a selection of them below so you can truly enhance your GPS with some additional rich content that will make any journey a little bit more interesting.

Garmin Voice Studio

This great little application is a free download and means you can record your own voices to speak the directions on the Nuvi GPS.  The software gets installed on your PC and as long as you have a microphone then can you speak the directions when prompted into your computer and then edit them ready to be loaded onto the Garmin 205w GPS. 

Download New Voices

If you don’t fancy hearing you own voice but are still bored of the voices that come pre-installed on the device, then instead you could download new ones direct from the Garmin website.  Some are free, and some need to be paid for, but irrespective of the price it means your kids might be entertained on a long road journey – especially if you choose from some of the many cartoon characters available.

New Vehicle Icons

You know that little blue car that you see on the Nuvi 205w’s display?  Well I bet you thought wouldn’t it be great to change it?  Well the good news is you can.  Visit the Garmin Garage and select from many different free vehicle icons including sports cars, speed boats, the emergency services, and even monster trucks.

All of these updates for Garmin Nuvi 205w GPS devices can be simply installed by using the compatible GPS cable that comes packaged up in the box that the product came with.  They are very easy to install and many of them are free to download.

Garmin Nuvi 205w Software Updates

So you’ve updated the maps on your Garmin 205w, and added new vehicle icons and voices… but what next?  Well there are also POIs available, which are also known as Points of Interest files.  These are one of the most useful software updates available after new mapping data because they can truly help you on your travels and vacations. 

Many POI files are actually created by third party software developers so make sure you Google for them so you can get a better idea of the wide range that is available.

So for example, it’s possible for you to download a POI file containing items such as tourist attractions, restaurants, shopping malls, gas stations and much more.  Once the POI file is loaded onto the Garmin Nuvi 205w as a software update then as you travel you will see the relevant icons appear on the display – which notify you of a local POI destination – for example a Mexican restaurant, or a WalMart store.

Conclusion on the Updates for the Garmin 205w

As you can see there are so many ways in which you can not only customize a Garmin 205w GPS, but also opportunities for you to update the maps and software on the unit.

Thankfully all of these options are very straight-forward to install and full instructions are available on the official manufacturer website so go and check them out today – if you are planning on a driving vacation this year as many Americans and Europeans are then it could really enhance your journey, keep your safe – and even keep your children entertained!