Garmin Nuvi 200 Updates Free

If you own a Garmin Nuvi 200 GPS Sat Nav then you might sometimes find that your directions, mapping, and routing is not as accurate as it should be.  This is most likely not the fault if the Garmin GPS, but in fact down to the common occurrence of new roads being built, highways can change, priority of traffic can be altered, and businesses do sometimes move address.  If this is the case then you will need some Garmin map updates.

Free map updates for Garmin Nuvi 200

Garmin Nuvi 200 UpdatesIt is only natural that you are searching for free map updates for your Nuvi 200. 

Happily we can tell you that Garmin do offer this service, but there are some criteria you will need to follow in order to download free updates to your Garmin GPS and we will outline these are follows so that you can decide what the best Garmin map download is for you.

Can you get a free Garmin map for your Nuvi 200?

You will be eligible for free Garmin Nuvi 200 updates if you go to the official Garmin website and use their map update purchase assistant.  You will need the serial number of your Nuvi 200 to hand because you will be prompted to enter it into their system.

This will check to see if you are allowed to download free Garmin maps.  So you don’t waste your time though you see if you can say yes to the checklist below:

  1. Have you registered your Garmin Nuvi 200 GPS with Garmin?
  2. Did you register it within the first sixty days of first using it in your car on the road?
  3. Is this the first time you have attempted to download free Garmin map updates?

If you answer yes to all of the above then you can take advantage of their nuMaps Guarantee offer which will let you download a one off one time map refresh.

What if I cannot get free Garmin Nuvi 200 updates?

Garmin do a number of other map update options that are very cheap so you can buy a cheap Garmin map update for a very small amount.  For the peace of mind this offers when driving using your GPS this is probably a worthwhile investment.

nuMaps Onetime offer

The cheapest option is nuMaps Onetime.  This lets you buy a one off map update download for usually less than fifty dollars.  It is just a one off purchase though, so you may want to consider the Garmin nuMaps Lifetime offer which makes more sense financially and works out cheaper in the long run.

nuMaps Lifetime map updates

If you want to buy a Garmin map update then the best deal without a shadow of a doubt is the nuMaps Lifetime program.  This lets you download Garmin maps up to four times a year, or every quarter when they are released to the public.  This is called Lifetime, because the deal lasts for as long as you own the Garmin Nuvi 200.  So in other words it is valid for the lifetime of the GPS Sat Nav device, not you as a customer.

Why download official Garmin map updates?

We would always recommend the official route purely because you know you are getting a quality and reliable product.  Your maps will be authentic and you will be able to get support from Garmin if there are any errors in the map install process.  Plus of course it should not have any effect of your warranty.  The over-riding factor and benefit to a new Garmin map download is your own safety.  You can now drive to a new country or region safe in the knowledge you have the most up to date and refreshed maps available.