Garmin Maps Download

Garmin Maps DownloadThe Garmin GPS Company offer a wide range of GPS solutions covering a number of different markets including automotive, sports and fitness, outdoor marine, and aviation.  Most of their products come with pre-installed mapping, and occasionally some of their automotive in-car GPS devices (such as the Zumo and Nuvi range) will need a new maps download and update.

Some of the Garmin maps download options you will need to paid for, especially if you are travelling to a new country or region (perhaps you need a new National Park download for your outdoor Montana GPS?).  We’ve put together a guide to just some of the different types of Garmin map downloads that are available including free Garmin map updates for in-car GPS systems.

Download Garmin Maps for your Car or Truck

The most common request always comes back to how to download Garmin maps for free.  Well some people can and some people can’t – but as a general rule you will need to register your Garmin Nuvi or Zumo on the myGarmin website and check to see what Garmin map updates are available to you.  It will tell you how to download maps for Garmin Nuvi GPS devices and if you register yours within 90 days of it first receiving a satellite signal then you will be able to take advantage of the nuMaps Guarantee free map download.

Typically there are two types of Garmin maps download available for owners of Nuvi and Zumo automotive GPS products – firstly just a straight map update meaning you refresh the current data on your device… and the second option which means you will need to purchase new Garmin maps when you are travelling abroad or to a new continent.

Most Garmin Nuvis will already have their local region pre-loaded when you buy it in the shops or online and the standard mapping software is called City Navigator NT.  The available regions are currently:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australasia & Oceania

However, these Garmin map downloads for City Navigator can also be split down further by individual country meaning if you do decide to use your Nuvi GPS in a different place you can be very specific as to which Garmin map update you choose.  Please be aware that if you are travelling to a new region then you won’t be able to download Garmin maps for free – as free Garmin GPS maps are only available as update options to what you already have installed.

Download Maps for Garmin Nuvi

If you are not sure what maps you already have pre-loaded onto your Garmin Nuvi GPS then you will need to register for a free myGarmin account online – this is the user portal that lets you synchronise your device with the Garmin map install process – and it lists all the mapping software you already have on the product.  To check to see if you can download free Garmin maps simply click on one of the banners that you see on the right hand side of our website.

Outdoor Topographic Garmin TOPO Maps

Garmin Colorado 300Garmin are renowned for their outdoor GPS products including such devices as the new Montana 650T which was preceded by the Colorado, eTrex, and Oregon products.  Their handheld GPS devices are used by people who go Geocaching all the way through to explorers and the military. 

The most popular map download for the outdoor GPS devices are the TOPO series which provide detailed mapping include terrain, elevations, and geographical points.  Some of the Garmin GPS handhelds can even use 3D terrain shading for really detailed views on the location you are in.  If you want to download Garmin maps for handheld devices then visit the Garmin website today.

If you do decide to download Garmin maps for TOPO compatible devices then you should be aware that they contain the following functionality:

  • Roads such as Interstates, State Highways, Local Roads and Trails
  • National Parks, Forests, and Conservation Areas
  • POIs (or points of interest) which include data like campsites and tourist attractions to fantastic scenic lookouts
  • Water locations; for example Lakes, Rivers, Coastlines, and Streams

Before you purchase any Garmin TOPO map be aware that they come in a couple of different flavours.  For example the TOPO 24k maps include the best level of detail – in other words what you would expect from a 1:24,000 scale map.  The Garmin TOPO 100k maps include the finer points of outdoor maps – so in other words this is just like using a 1:100,000 traditional US outdoor map.

Garmin Marine Maps and Charts

Garmin Blue ChartSeafarers are also able to access Garmin map downloads to install on their marine GPS products.  The downloadable Garmin marine charts include the World-renowned BlueChart G2 Vision series.

BlueChart g2 Vision and BlueChart g2 offer detailed offshore marine maps which display everything to help you to navigate through unknown waters such as shaded depth contours and coastlines.  All of this aims to give you a full view on any potential hazards which might be in the sea or river such as soundings, navaids, wrecks, restricted areas, obstructions, port plans, intertidal zones and IALA symbols.

The BlueChart G2 Series will give your on-board navigational GPS devices unparalleled data and views on everything you need to know in order to let your chartplotter lead you through a safe passage.  The more advanced Vision package will let you see above and below the water using advanced 3D perspective and auto guidance – it even uses real aerial photos so you can be sure that you are seeing the World as it should be viewed when navigating through water.

How to Download Garmin Maps for Free

As we always say on My GPS Map Updates don’t bother downloading hacked software or anything that appears to be a free Garmin map from any other source other than Garmin themselves.  Some companies are developing bespoke outdoor GPS maps – but in terms of your automotive Garmin GPS maps always get them from the manufacturer – if you don’t know whether you can download free Garmin maps for your Nuvi or any other Garmin device then make sure you click on the banners that we have included on the right hand side of our website which will take you to their official map checker.