Garmin GPS Updates – A Guide to Map Updates


Garmin 3760T GPSIf you own a Garmin Nuvi GPS then the chances are that you might have experienced a time when your map wasn’t completely up to date.  Roads and highways are always changing.  Businesses move addresses.  Junctions can change in priority.

Although Garmin maps are extremely reliable, the future of our roads isn’t.  They do change, and as a result there will come a time when you need Garmin GPS software updates.  We are going to tell you exactly how you can get an update, and potentially even download free Garmin GPS Map Updates!

What type of Map Updates are available for Nuvi GPS Sat Navs?

Garmin have  a number of different options available to customers that need new or updated mapping.  It is possible to download Garmin GPS Map Updates free, but you will need to be eligible for their nuMaps Guarantee Program.

Garmin nuMaps Guarantee – Free Map Updates

If you have registered your Nuvi within the sixty day period that if first started to receive satellite signals whilst on the road then you will be eligible to download a free Garmin Map update.  If you are not sure whether that applies to you or not visit their official website today and put in your Sat Nav serial number details and you will quickly see if you can download a free Garmin Map.

Driving Abroad and Need New Maps?

If you are visiting a new region, travelling to a new country, and driving abroad, then you may need to make sure your Nuvi Sat Nav has the relevant maps for the country you are driving in.  Official maps can be purchased at very reasonable and cheap prices direct from the Garmin website and prices do start very low.  Click the link below to get started.

Maps Provided by Navteq

Garmin maps are provided by Navteq.  Navteq are a company who lead the whole world when it comes to creating digital maps for use on GPS devices.  If you want to know more about them and the other brands that they provide routing and directions data for then please check out this Navteq DVD website.

Want Lifetime Map Updates for your Garmin Nuvi GPS?

Garmin also do something called the nuMaps Lifetime offer.  What this means is that you can buy a Nuvi Map Update just the once, and then update your GPS maps up to four times a year.  This is the very best option if you want to be constantly assured of having the most up to date mapping.

If all else fails, and none of the options above are quite what you want then perhaps the best option for you would be a onetime map update.  Garmin onetime Map updates let you pay a one off cheap price to do a singular refresh of all the mapping on your unit.

We would never recommend that you download unofficial software to your Nuvi Sat Nav as this has been known to cause issues and bugs to the hardware.  Buy official updates for peace of mind plus the knowledge that your directions will be as accurate as possible.