Garmin Downloads

Garmin ecoRoute DownloadThere are many Garmin downloads available for owners of their GPS products and we’ve listed them all below so you know how can get the best and cheap Garmin downloads many of which are completely free. 

The different Garmin downloads range from free maps, to additional content to load onto a Nuvi device, or handheld GPS depending what product you use.  There are even free Garmin downloads available for the Approach Golf GPS range.  If you own a Nuvi or Zumo then these are the best Garmin downloads that are currently available for you.

Free Garmin Map Downloads

Probably the most popular Garmin download are their free maps.  To see if you are eligible for a free Garmin map download then make sure you check our Garmin map update guide.  The free maps from Garmin are known as the nuMaps Guarantee and mean you can get a one off map update on your sat nav within 90 days of registering with Garmin. 

Safety Cameras and Speed Camera Alerts

This Garmin download is a great help to stop you getting speeding fines.  It works on a subscription basis and once loaded means you will get speeding alerts pop up on your Garmin Nuvi when you are driving. 

Garmin ecoRoute

The Garmin ecoRoute download is a free Garmin download that lets you see how economical you are driving via your sat nav screen.  In fact it can save gas and money by adopting smarter driving habits and finding more fuel-efficient routes.

Garmin POI Loader

The Garmin POI Loader is a free Garmin download that loads software to your computer so that you can upload new and customized points of interest (or POIs) to your Garmin Nuvi or Zumo.  There are many POIs available at Garmin including restaurants, travel guides, and other great days out.

Garmin Download for the Approach Golf GPS

Owners of the Approach Golf GPS product, of which there are three different models, can download free golf course updates.  So whenever a new course is added to the Approach GPS database, you can get a small Garmin download to use with your Approach G3, Approach G5, or Approach Golf Watch.  The great thing is, there are no subscription fees with the Garmin approach products so a new golf course update is completely free.

Computer Games for Garmin GPS

Incredibly Garmin also offer downloads of games that can be loaded onto their Nuvi GPS products.  These Garmin downloads need to be paid for, but once you have purchased a few you can be sure that the kids can be kept busy once you arrive at your destination safely.  To buy Garmin games please visit the Garmin website.

New Vehicle Icons for Garmin Nuvi

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to change the standard blue car that shows on the Garmin Nuvi screen?  Well you can do that with the Garmin Garage where it is possible to get free Garmin downloads of new vehicle icons.  They range from sportscars, to planes, to boats, and loads more… there are even police cars if you fancy that!

Garmin Voice Studio

Last but not least is the ability to add your own voice to your Garmin GPS.  This download is a piece of software that leads you through the process of making your own directions in whatever voice you want to.  This free Garmin download is loads of fun and some people have been known to record their kid’s voices, load them onto a new Nuvi sat nav, and then give this as a present to a grandparent.

We hope this guide to Garmin downloads has given you a good idea of what content is available to update your GPS product.  Garmin also have download for their handheld GPS products including the Dakota and Oregon range which we will cover on another article.