Free Maps for Garmin GPS

Free Maps for Garmin GPSDownloading free maps for Garmin GPS sat nav products is easier than you would think.  Free Garmin map updates are available, and you can download new maps direct from Garmin’s website. 

However there are a number of criteria you need to fulfil in order to download free maps for Garmin GPS products and so we’ve laid those out below to help you. There are also options available for users of Garmin’s outdoor handhelds, and we’ve also put information together on free GPS TOPO maps. 

Check to see if you can get a Free Garmin Map Update

Download Free Maps for Garmin GPS

Garmin will give a free map to their customers as part of the nuMaps Guarantee program.  This works really simply:  If you have bought a Garmin Nuvi GPS recently then just connect your device to your PC via a compatible USB cable and then visit the Garmin website.  You must do this within 90 days, or three months of the Nuvi sat nav first receiving satellite signals.  So in other words and more simple terms, during the period you first used it in your car.  To see if you are eligible for a Garmin GPS maps free download you must visit the Garmin website.   

Other Garmin Map Updates

Not everyone will be able to get free Garmin map updates.  If that applies to you then you can instead take advantage of the other map download options that Garmin have.  To see the full range including the nuMaps Lifetime and nuMaps Onetime offer then make sure you check our Garmin Map Updates page for the full information on these services.  You will be pleased to know that Garmin map update prices start at lower than fifty dollars, and are available to purchase for all customers irrespective of where you live around the World. 

Why Download Free Garmin GPS Maps?

Downloading officially from Garmin is always recommended because you can then guarantee that the free Garmin GPS maps that you are using are official and designed to be compatible with your GPS.  Do not try and download from any websites that look like they might be untrustworthy or non-official. 

You should always get your new maps from Garmin as you will have peace of mind that the software installed on the sat nav will then be official, accurate, and the maps included will get you to your destination quickly and safely.

Users Searching for Free GPS TOPO Maps Garmin

As well as designing the best selling Nuvi range of in-car automotive sat navs, Garmin also sell outdoor handheld GPS devices, with some of the most popular models including the Dakota and Oregon series.

Garmin have a wide range of outdoor maps specifically designed for these products to help people than want to explore the great outdoors – for example hikers, trekker, explorers, and families that enjoy geocaching.  They are not many free GPS TOPO maps available from Garmin currently, although there is occasionally a free map download available as a promotion.   In order to view the latest free Garmin TOPO maps then make sure you visit their website and explore the Outdoor Handheld GPS Mapping section that they have on there. 

Buying a New Garmin GPS TOPO Map

It is extremely straight-forward to buy a TOPO map to use on your handheld, and this is made easier with an online TOPO map selection widget.  This works by letting you type in the name of the GPS handheld that you own, where you want to use the TOPO map, and the type of activity that you are planning on doing.  Below is screenshot of how the map purchase widget works.

Buying a Garmin TOPO GPS Map

Why Buy Official Garmin Maps?

We hope this guide to getting free maps for your Garmin GPS has helped you to better understand all of the official options that are available – and also the paid for versions.  We would always recommend that you buy legitimate maps for a number of reasons:

  • You can be certain of their accuracy
  • They are compatible with your Garmin GPS
  • You reduce the chance of malware and software errors
  • There is no chance of a product warranty being invalidated
  • You can navigate safely with assured confidence

Please make sure that you bookmark the My GPS Map Updates website and keep coming back for all the latest news on Garmin map updates for all their products.