Garmin Updates

If you want to download a free Garmin map update officially then you will need to check on the Garmin website to see if you are eligible for their nuMaps Guarantee program.  Even if you do not fall within their period for updating your Garmin GPS maps for free then you will still be able to find out how to update your Garmin Nuvi. 

Check to see if you can get a Free Garmin Map Update

Cheap Garmin Map Updates

Updating your Garmin Nuvi maps is in fact very affordable so if you cannot download free Garmin map updates from them you will be able to still pay a very small charge and get the latest mapping data download straight to your GPS.  At the latest look a Garmin Nuvi update costs less than fifty dollars which we believe to be fantastic value for money.

Download Official Garmin Maps

We would always recommend that you download official Garmin maps rather than searching the web for a free Garmin map torrent or any unlicensed third party map supplier.  You will risk not only damaging your GPS product if you do download Garmin maps that are not authentic, but could also invalidate any warranty or guarantee that you have with the retailer that you purchased from.

If you are not sure how to update Garmin Nuvi then read our guide and we will show you exactly how to do it meaning you can then drive safely and confident in the knowledge your GPS is completely up to date with the latest streets, roads, routes, points of interest, junctions, and business addresses.

Why Download Garmin Map Updates?

There’s a reason that you should download a Garmin GPS update and that’s because on a daily basis the nation’s roads change.  New streets get built.  Junction priorities can change.  The world is an ever changing place and even by the time you have left the shop with your new GPS there’s every chance that the pre-installed mapping could be out of date.

Luckily Garmin do offer a service to customers that have recently purchased and registered their Nuvi or Zumo GPS product – and put in simple terms you can get a free Garmin map update if you are in the first ninety day or three month period of it first receiving a satellite signal.

Free Garmin Map Updates

Click here to see if you can download your free Garmin map install.  It’s the nuMaps Guarantee option.  If you are outside of that period then there are other options available to you which includes the nuMaps Onetime offer which costs just under fifty dollars and gives a one-off map download.

Alternatively you can pay a little bit more for the Garmin nuMaps Lifetime option.  This lets you download new map data up to four times a year when they do their quarterly map release.  In terms of cost effectiveness this is undoubtedly the better choice.